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Silver Meadow Soap produces equine-inspired 100% natural soap for horse lovers.  


About Us

Silver Meadow  Soap was established in Davis, California in June of 2013, when Wendy and her husband, Phil, realized the amazing difference between natural soap and store bought soap. Wendy began making soap for their household, which quickly spread to family and friends. Wendy’s lifelong love of horses led her to search for molds depicting her passion in life and Silver Meadow was born.  

 Silver Meadow Soap is handcrafted via the cold process method of soap making using top quality raw materials.  All oils, butters, water, sodium hydroxide, additives and essential oils are hand measured, combined, poured, unmolded, beveled, ph tested and packaged. Most Silver Meadow soap arrives individually wrapped in beautiful gift boxes.


Wendy began and continues selling at Northern California horse shows and events, with a tremendous response and appreciation for her efforts to offer natural soap to her equestrian friends.  Silver Meadow Soap can also be found at various Equestrian Centers and shops throughout the United States.


Molded Soaps excluding Spirit II

Olive, Coconut, Palm, Sweet Almond, Castor and Avocado oils; Shea Butter; Distilled Water; Sodium Hydroxide; and Essential oils.

Spirit II Ingredients

Olive, Wheat Germ, Coconut and Palm oils; Beeswax; Distilled Water; Sodium Hydroxide; Buttermilk; Honey; Ground Oats and Essential oils.

Farrier Soap Ingredients

Olive, Coconut, Palm, Castor and Avocado oils; Distilled Water; Sodium Hydroxide; Activated Charcoal; Shredded Loofah; Pumice; Berry Seeds and Essential oils.


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Silver Meadow Soap

2349 Isle Royale Ln, Davis, California 95616, United States

(530) 231-5066